Guess Which Country Has the Fastest and Priciest Patrol Car

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Police officers should have the most advanced crime-fighting equipment to outsmart law-breakers. 

But to win a chasing game against elite road criminals and wealthy motoring offenders, they need cars with remarkable speed and sophistication.

These cops never really intended to get the most luxurious vehicle, but obviously they had to. Do you know which country has the most powerful and most expensive patrol car?

USA cops boast of their head-turning fleet of Hummer cars but these vehicles are far from being the most extravagant in the world. German law enforcers are not a tad intimidated by US since they drive a Porsche 911 - American taxpayers would have been furious had US police imitated this. Germans beat Americans but Italian police officers could easily outrun the German police cars with their fleet of $230,000-worth, 190 mph top speed Lamborghini Gallardo.

Despite these outrageous price tags, none of these high-end patrol cars is close to being the priciest police car in the world.

British patrolmen joined the limelight when they bought the finest police vehicle to date: a 207 mph McLaren worth $398,122/each. Even Dubai couldn't have beaten British cops with their humble McLaren coupe units. Not until UAE police acquired a 220 mph Aston Martin One-77, estimated to be worth a jaw-dropping $1,829,960 - indubitably the world's most expensive police car. Only 77 units of this model has been sold because it was meant to be the manufacturing company's ultimate vehicle model. 

It goes without saying that Dubai is the worst and best place to commit speeding or any traffic violation. Aston Martin One-77 serves as UAE traffic offenders' worst nightmare; at the same time, it's the key to fulfilling the dream ride of every police officer. 


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