The Most Expensive Yacht in the World

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Everyone was astounded when Russian mogul Roman Abramovic dropped a ridiculous sum of $1.2 billion on a yacht. Eclipse, showed off last June 12th, 2009, contains 2 helicopter pads, 11 guest cabins, 2 swimming pools, several hot tubs,a disco hall, 3 launch boats, a mini submarine, and 70 crews on board. It instantly rose to fame as the most expensive as well as the largest yacht ever made - until Stuart Hughes introduced HISTORY SUPREME.

Most Expensive Yacht

Better check out the solid gold yacht's specs according to its maker, Stuart Hughes: 

The world’s most unique yacht "HISTORY SUPREME" probably the most expensive. This project was commissioned for Stuart Hughes of Liverpool U.K. from an anonymous leading Malaysian business man. At 100ft the yacht took 3 years to complete , a circa of 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum were added to make this an exciting project. All features inc deck , dinning area , rails , anchor , made from precious metals. The base of the vessel was wrapped in gold , a thin layer was formed to embrace this huge section. The main sleeping quarter was adorned with platinum accents of which included , wall feature , made from meteoric stone , with genuine Dinosaur bone shaved in from the raptor T – REX. A cost of £3 billion , the most exclusive yacht was born.

Now, who is the owner of this ultra-extravagant vessel? Business Insider has claimed it was a Malaysian billionaire named Robert Kuok. Having a net worth of $12.5 billion, it is no surprise he'll afford  to buy a $4.8 billion-worth golden yacht. Do you wonder how it feels to sail on a vessel made of gold?


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