The Most Expensive Toll Fee in the World

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The cruise ship Norwegian Pearl paid  $375,600.00 to pass through the Panama Canal on April 14, 2010- this is, by far, the costliest toll fee ever recorded! That's the price to pay to sail for 14 days through the exotic and exhilarating 50-mile passage of Panama Channel - a one-of-a-kind journey of a lifetime every tourist will surely treasure. 

Most Expensive Toll Fee

Joining the world's great seas: Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this marvelous channel, more than 20 years in the making, has eased and spiced up trade, tourism and travel since 1915.  Out of the 23 cruise lines traversing the Panama Canal, Norweigan Pearl was heralded most luxurious defeating the Disney Magic, in May 16, 2008, which paid US$331,200. 

Commonly, vessel-owners pay a toll fee of around 54,000 USD to get thru the world's greatest shortcut. Yet, would you believe that someone was able to pass through the Channel almost for free? His name is Richard Halliburton, an American adventurer, who swam the canal in 1928, ergo, paying only 36 cents!


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