The Most Expensive Passport in the World

Most Expensive PassportIt is not UK (126.16 USD) nor US (130 USD), but the Turkish passport card is the most expensive in the world. Being a holder of such a costly gate pass, one is allowed to travel without a visa or get one upon arrival to about 92 countries in the world. Isnt' that a wonderful privilege?!

Although last June 2010, Turkey government reduced the cost of Turkish passports, they still hold the the most expensive passport in the world at 360 TL (225.73 USD) valid for three or more years. Previous Turkey passports were valid up to 10 years, but since its citizens requested for a more affordable cost, they lessen the amount, along with the validity, to half.

In 2012, Turkish citizens are looking forward to a European tour free of Schengen visa as soon as the European Union (EU) and Turkish government successfully reach an agreement.


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