The Most Expensive Motorcycle in the World

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Stereotype has it that motorcycles are a magnet for sexy chicks so some guys are dying to own one to impress their muse. Some girls assume that riders are fun to be around, adventurous and presumably rich and generous. 

This clichéd creed unfortunately does not hold water. Unless you are Tarhan Telli - builder of the world's most expensive motorcycle. Born to a Turkish family fascinated with remodeling spare parts into prized, customized, offbeat motorcycles, Telli proudly  presented the Medusa -  a chopper powered by 125 HP, 1.8-litre V-Twin engine with six-speed gearbox, and covered with 315 kg of yellow and white gold. Estimated to be worth $1 million, it is indeed the costliest chopper ever built.

Rarely would bike builders adorn their motorcycle frame with gold because it is heavy and undeniably pricey. Beholders of this Medusa bike would expect to see glitter and glamour - both words are simply not found at any part of this vehicle. No one would have surmised that this antique-looking motorcycle took a million to build.

Check out its website for more images and additional specs, then decide for yourself whether this motorcycle is a mechanical masterpiece or just a vehicle wasting precious gold.



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