The Most Expensive Ferris Wheel in the World

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The world's first Ferris wheel wowed the crowd commemorating the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. George Ferris, inventor of this mechanical marvel, simply wanted to rival, if not surpass, the popularity of Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower. Ferris's 264-feet wheel probably did not turn out to be as popular as the Eiffel tower, but it surely gave his company a huge profit (395,000 USD) in its early years of operation.

Ferris's success, both in engineering and business, spurred inventors and investors around the world to build more gigantic and more expensive wheels. Guess who currently holds the world's tallest and most expensive ferris (observation) wheel?

Most Expensive Ferris Wheel

Singapore. Yes, this small city-state built the stunning 541-feet Singapore Flyer from 2005-2008 for a staggering 180 million USD. One gets to see Singapore's magnificent cityscape inside any of the 28 air-conditioned capsules of the world's largest wheel. As the wheel turns, you'll be treated to a visual 360 degree feast of iconic and historical landmarks and views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Empress Palace and the Padang. Singapore Flyer's website cited more reasons worth checking out. 

Singapore Flyer may enjoy its title as the world's tallest and most expensive ferris wheel for three more years, however, it is possible that US regains the wheel of glory with either New York's 625-feet wheel or Nevada's 550-feet wheel - upon completion.

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