The Most Expensive Car Wash in the World

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Most Expensive Car WashPaul Dalton spent more than 10 years of his life refurbishing cars. He claims that no one else cleans vehicles as miraculously as he does.Since he has not met anyone who could match his supreme detailing of cars, he never delegated the task to anyone, not even to his girlfriend. He was his own boss and slave and each client's car became his masterpiece. As of the moment, he holds the world's record for the most expensive car wash.

How Paul got the fame and a fat wallet out of the humble task of washing cars? Read on.

Paul boasts of using 100% natural, 100% protection, and 100% waterproof variety of waxes, polishes, cleansers and other treatment to achieve a perfect finish. Paul liberally  applies waxes containing the highest Carnauba on the market, which protect the car from airborne contaminants and provide waterproofing. He even came up with a carnauba-rich wax he named after himself, "Paul Dalton's Crystal Rock Wax housed  in a Swarovski Crystal container worth 15,746.70 USD. Not to mention he's willing to sleep with the car for 2-4 days to make it look new for the next two to three years.

You can surmise that Paul has an obsession and compulsion to make cars shine like new. His clients come to him whenever they want tender loving care for their treasured vehicles. You may also guess that Paul probably treats only expensive cars - luxury and performance cars. For who would be willing to pay a ridiculous sum of 7,872.15 USD just for a miracle detail "treatment & applications" and a few "paintwork corrections" but the uber-rich?

Lastly, you must be right that he could not keep a girlfriend to stay by his side long enough for he's pretty much occupied washing cars.


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