The Most Expensive Car Crash in the World

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The German banker and multi-millionaire Steffen Korbach now holds the title for the most expensive car crash when he crashed his USD 2,200,000 Pagani Zonda F Clubsport into a roadside barrier in an Italian highway. There are only 25 copies of the same car in the world.

Most Expensive Car Crash

Needless to say, both Korbach and his date escaped without injuries even with the absence of airbags. (The structure of the car is safe enough that airbags are unnecessary.)

Here's Korbach official statement,

"I began to accelerate after the 60kmh zone ended, and had reached about 100kmh when I suddenly saw a huge puddle of standing water on the road ahead. I felt the controls go light as the car aquaplaned on the puddle, and although I reduced power, the rear end stepped out. I instinctively corrected the slide, but just as I felt the car coming back under control, I ran out of room, and the rear hit the Armco barrier."

Source: Business Insider

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