The Most Expensive Bicycle in the World

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Most Expensive BicycleBicycles do not cost a fortune. Yet they do in New York - for a good cause. 

A sale of seven custom painted, extraordinary trek bicycles at Sotheby’s auction, dubbed as "It's About the Bike", in NYC last Nov. 1, 2009, generated $1.25 million for the benefit of Lance Armstrong Foundation's cancer research, awareness and advocacy programs. Among the bicycles exhibited, the crowd's favorite was Damien Hirst-made "Butterfly" Trek Madone, which frame and rims were adorned with shiny, real, colorful insect wings. The bike's design fittingly served Armstrong's goal to raise awareness of the global cancer burden during his last participation at Tour de France in 2009.

Butterfly trek Madone, being the last iconic bike of a seventh-time Tour De France champ (L. Armstrong), compelled an anonymous bidder to drop half  his million dollars ($500,000), making it the most expensive bike ever bought at an auction. Worth the price, isn't it?

Trek Creative group confidently said that each bicycle designed by their artists was uniquely handled, some frames were decorated strictly with paint, some required extensive decal work, while others used hybrid production techniques. Armstrong used the group's skill to create eye-catching, efficient, sturdy, and speedy bicycles towards achieving his foundation's mission. Being a cancer patient himself, he wanted to inspire and empower cancer sufferers and their families by raising people's cancer awareness and gathering funds for Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).


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