The Most Expensive Chess Set in the World

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Jewel Royale Chess Set by Boodles is presently the most expensive chess set in the world at $ 9.8 M (5M pounds) beating Bernard Maquin's $500,000 diamond chess set , belonging to Charles Hollander Collection.

Most Expensive Chess Set

Each hand-crafted piece is made up of gold and platinum overlaid with emeralds, pearls, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Aside from its amazing value, this chess set dazzles any observer with its intricate design, and exquisite style created by the Boodles (previously Boodle & Dunthorne) owners and brothers, Michael and Nicholas Wainright.

Chess enthusiasts must be excited to watch tournaments using the most expensive chess set in the world. Surely, players will be extra careful of each move not simply to avoid losing the game, but to prevent breaking a piece.

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