The Most Expensive Christmas Tree in the World

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Most Expensive Christmas TreeEvery home celebrating Jesus' birthday has either a real or an artificial evergreen Christmas tree adorned with balls, lights, and star or angel on top. Three hundred dollars is not much if it is spent for the spirit of Christmas. But 11 million US dollars on a Christmas tree? Isn't that way over the top? Where can it be found?

No one would have instantly guessed that the world's costliest Christmas tree is lying around the capital city of UAE. Yes, the 11-million-dollar cone tree can be spotted at the lobby of  Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi - the world's second most expensive hotel ever constructed. The most expensive christmas tree comprised $11 M-worth jewelry made out of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones draping a plain 43-foot tree that cost more or less $10,000.

This extravagant Christmas tree has the slightest message of Christ's birth. What can be clearly understood is that hotels in UAE can be liberal and flexible in the name of marketing and Abu Dhabi is a safe city to display one's wealth. Indeed, a dashing Christmas tree is an effective December tourism booster.

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