The Most Expensive Candle in the World

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Most Expensive Candle in the WorldLuxurious scented candles may be in demand in the market, but a candle worth more than 5000 US dollars, who would buy? Some lunatic?

Welcome Home Candles easily justifies why their Ultimate Luxury Candle wrapped in their signature box can be the perfect present for the love of your life. It's the brightest way of telling her 'she lights up your life'. This candle will also prove that "she's your priciest treasure." Why? Simply because it costs $6, 495.

Surprise her with the special gift box that delivers its promise of romance and delight: a charming diamond necklace,  champagne and the ultimate luxury candle all inside! The perfectly romantic night has just begun. Dial (610) 943-2306 to order the most expensive candle in the world. It's available anytime, anywhere - even when the lights are out. 

Source: Luxury Candles

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