The Most Expensive Sperm Cells in the World

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Most Expensive Sperm CellOne of 1980's hottest rockers, David Lee Roth, proudly confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone's mag that he had his sperm cells insured for an insane sum of $ 1,000,000! This made Roth the possessor the world's most expensive sperm cells ever.

Being the frontman of Van Halen, a rock band famed for its wild image (booze, babes, and bucks) and chart-topping music in their 80's heyday, Roth attracted many female fans who might falsely insist they bear his baby. Aware of his virility and afraid of catastophic pregnancy claims, Roth purchased a million bucks worth of insurance from Lloyd's of London as a precaution.

What is covered in his wacky semen insurance policy?

Lloyd's of London would pay any of the legal cost to defend Roth in court against future paternity suits. The insurance firm came up with this idea after gathering reports from men's rights leading experts that 5 to 10 percent of men are raising children not their own. Roth may seem unwise for leading a debauched lifestyle, but he was clever enough to protect himself from possible paternal frauds. Was he?


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