The Most Expensive Smile in the World

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Most Expensive SmileAmerica Ferrera, the star of Ugly Betty (US-adaptation), has had her smile insured for $10M - instantly making her the possessor of the most expensive smile in the world. Aqua Fresh White Trays has secured this teeth insurance policy through Lloyd's of London (in the US) as part of their charity campaign to provide jobless women free dental care.

Although Ferrera looked extremely unattractive with her braces at Ugly Betty, the show earned her fame, a 2007 Emmy Award for Best Comedy Actress and a flattering (and record-making) insurance value for her smile. Probably no one among other stunningly beautiful celebrities has ever had their smiles insured for such a cost.

Lloyd's has been notable for its unusual policies written such as Celine Dion's, Bob Dylan's and Bruce Springsteen's vocal cords, Keith Richards' slender fingers, and Troy Polamalu's hair. America Ferrera's $10 M teeth insurance beats Ken Dodd's $7.4 M insured buck teeth. Who would ever think an ugly duckling (at Ugly Betty) has a smile worth an insane sum of bucks?

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