The Most Expensive Phone Bill in the World

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A French woman almost had a cardiac arrest when she received her final phone bill: 11,720,000,000,000,000. She shook her head in disbelief while verifying the zeros on the phone bill sent to her email. She kept getting 12 zeros again and again. Needless to say, Solenne San Jose holds the record for the most expensive phone bill ever incurred - if it was error-free at all. 

Solenne fortunately managed to gather her wits to look into the matter objectively. She spoke to an agent at Bouygues Telecom explaining that she was meant to pay just a small penalty fee for closing her account so the bill must have been a big mistake. The reply she was hoping was a confirmation that the bill was wrong not an affirmation that the outlandish sum was indeed accurate.

She got even more furious and frustrated when the customer representative insisted that the stupefying amount would be withdrawn automatically  from her account as usual. What came next was a series of heated discussions, which convinced the telecom to search why Solenne had phone charges astonishingly higher than France's 2011 GDP.

Upon investigation, the telecom found out that the system went haywire and placed multiple zeros after the real bill amount of   117.21. Realizing this printing mistake, the telecom's Director of Customer Relations apologized to Solenne for the inconvenience.



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