The Most Expensive Marriage Bounty in the World

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Sixty-five million US dollars is probably the sweetest and costliest gift a dad could ever give his daughter. Do you wonder who squanders 65 million US dollars as prize money for a husband post? Without question, this is the most expensive marriage bounty ever documented.

Turns out, this husband recruitment is not a new story. Fairy tales enticed us of its possibility. The Bachelorette ran eight successful seasons of this search for Mr. Right proving its probability. Meantime, Hong Kong's property and shipping magnate Cecil Chao made this fantasy a reality for his gay daughter, Gigi.

Most Expensive Marriage Bounty

33-year old Gigi Chao is a talented architect who graduated from University of Manchester. Her father was confident that she has found the right career but not the right mate. Ignoring Gigi's choice of a female partner she rumouredly wed in France on April 4, Mr. Chao made this announcement:

"I don't mind whether he's rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted."

Needless to say, the extravagant tycoon only cares that his daughter's suitor, eventually partner, is a male. Also, he is obviously selling his daughter to that lucky guy.

Meanwhile, Gigi was not perturbed nor enraged. She shrugged off the announcement and appreciated her father's efforts. In fact, she was flattered that he was willing to spend millions for her happiness. Since this offer went viral, she had more than 6000 facebook friends. If you're interested in the offer, forget about befriending her on Facebook as she ceased to accept requests.


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