The Most Expensive Legs in the World

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Most Expensive Legs Michael FlatleyHaving flawless legs could be one's way to stardom. Popular female celebrities have spent millions insuring their best body part - their smooth and perfectly-shaped legs.

To name a few, Rihanna insured her seductive legs for one million US dollars. Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai, secured her legs' safety for 1.4 million USD. Sex symbol and movie legend, Manilyn Monroe, put a tag of 2 million bucks on her smooth legs. Tina Turner's legs insurance policy cost 3.2 million dollars. Jennifer Lopez was rumoured to have her legs insured for 100 million USD. Yet ultimately, the most expensive female legs award goes to Mariah Carey, the singing goddess' legs insurance amount to $1 billion.

You could easily tell this insanely pricey body insurance was part of a product advertisement. Mariah Carey signed up a contract to promote the shaving giant, Gillette, for their 'Legs of the Goddess' campaign in 2006. Well, for female celebrities, this trend is no surprise. But how about men?

Are these over-priced legs insurance policies strictly for vain actresses and divas? 

Little has been known about Michael Flatley, the highest paid dancer, earning 1.6 million dollars a week. Guiness has recognized his record-breaking 35 taps per second while National Geographic hailed him as one of Society's Living Treasures for mastery of a traditional art form. Would it be shocking if he had his legs insured for 40 million US dollars? Surely worth the costly insurance policy.


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