The Most Expensive Eyes in the World

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She enchanted film viewers with her stunning looks. She excited the press and the mass with her numerous love affairs. She dazzled the world with her unforgettable, dark violet eyes. Most people regarded her as "the most beautiful woman in the world" and "the greatest movie star of all". Who has never seen nor heard of Elizabeth Taylor? 

Most Expensive Eyes

Would it be surprising she had her eyes insured for $1 million? reported Elizabeth had invested one million dollars on insurance for her eyes. Be careful of the spell-binding radiance of the world's most expensive eyes. 

Little did everyone know, Elizabeth has been tailor-made for stardom. She was born with distichiasis -a rare disorder defined as the abnormal growth of lashes. Her double rows of eyelashes did not scare people, though. When her genetically mutated lashes covered her very violet eyes, Elizabeth Taylor has found a trademark worldwide audience admired for decades.

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