The Most Expensive Divorce in the World

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Marriage is a business deal. This is why divorce is one of the world's most profitable industries. Did it ever cross your mind how expensive split-up payouts are?

Besides the devastating heartaches, couples experience terrible headaches doing the required maths during divorce settlement. Hiring an attorney makes divorce even more expensive (ergo, heartbreaking). Check out some of the world's costliest divorce settlements yet.

Sportsmen are notorious playboys. Michael Jordan, citing irreconcilable differences as reason for divorcing his ex-wife, Juanita Jordan, had to pay $168 million to end their 17-year marriage.  Russia's Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich left Irina Abramovich $300 million and four houses upon the death of their marital bond. Lastly, Tiger Woods, assessed to be worth more than a billion dollars, had to give away $750 million to his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, after a divorce on the ground of infidelity. 

Most Expensive DivorceIf you're utterly shocked by those facts and figures, brace yourself to meet the queen of divorce settlements: ex-Mrs. Murdoch, Anna, recipient of the most expensive divorce payout. News corporation chief Rupert Murdoch agreed to pay 1.7 billion  dollars to his 30-year confidante, Anna, after a trial that dragged on for 12 months. Rupert remarried 31-year-old Wendi Deng, an incredibly ambitious Chinese-born employee in his company, 17 days after his divorce paper was signed by the judge.

When you were married to a powerful man who owns newspapers, television stations and film studios across the globe, it is only wise to shut up. For three years, Anna has never spoken about he matter. She only broke her silence when she had finally recovered from the painful separation and found the man whom she thinks would never let her down, William Mann, a Wallstreet financier. 


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