The World's Costliest Chest Hair

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Whether or not you have a fetish for chest hair, you will be struck dumb to know someone actually worried about losing his chest's curly brown wild bush.

This famous celebrity anonymously approached Lloyd's of London insurance company to draft his chest hair insurance policy.

You might easily think he was some gay bar performer - but you're wrong.

Most Expensive Chest HairCharismatic and enduring singer-songwriter Tom Jones owns the most expensive chest hair after he bought a seven million dollar insurance to keep his chest hair safe and intact.

Wouldn't it make more sense if he had insured his golden voice instead? Or his handsome face?

Tom rose to fame with his hit songs "She's A Lady", "Till", and "The Young New Mexican Puppeteer", yet he strongly attributed his magnetic appeal to his rugged chest hair.

Ladies wouldn't just yell but would throw their panties when he was onstage, which easily made him a famous philanderer. Tabloid news had it that Jones got beaten black and blue by his wife for his many infidelities. Did he fear she'd pull his chest hair off so he had them insured for seven million bucks?

Truth is, this celebrity chest insurance is nothing but an urban legend. Jones never actually paid seven million bucks for his graying chest hair. The insurance policy was indeed drafted, but it was never purchased. Who would insanely buy one?




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