The Most Expensive Substance

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Antimatter is the single most expensive substance on Earth. NASA estimates that a gram of antimatter, specifically anti-hydrogen, will cost USD 62.5 Trillion to produce.

Most Expensive SubstanceAn antimatter particle is a sub-atomic particle with properties opposite of a normal matter particle. When a matter particle and its antimatter equivalent meet, they annihilate each other releasing huge amount of energy.In the first moments of the universe's inception (Big Bang), only energy existed. As the universe expanded and cooled, matter and antimatter particles were produced in equal amounts

For some reason, antimatter is now rare in the universe.The biggest limitation in large scale production of antimatter is the availability of antiprotons. Recent CERN data states that, when fully operational, their facilities are capable of producing 107 antiprotons every minute.

Assuming a complete conversion of antiprotons to antihydrogen, it would still take 100 billion years to produce 1 g of anti-hydrogen. A research by the American Astronomical Society found out that antimatter is also produced above thunderstorm clouds. This is the first time antimatter has been observe naturally on Earth.

Aside from production cost, containment of antimatter is also a problem as it shouldn't come into contact with other matter.


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