The Most Expensive Seaweeds in the World

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Most Expensive SeaweedAn Israeli company called BioLineRx came up with a medical breakthrough- a heart-healing gel based on brown seaweed claims to prevent repeated heart attacks after an initial cardiac arrest. This miraculous cure also happens to be the most expensive seaweed deal in history; the BL-1040 compound was licensed by a New Jersey-based company Ikaria Holdings in a $282.5 million deal, not including royalties.

When the liquid BL-1040 compound is injected into the heart, it turns into a protective gel sheathing the heart muscles, giving them the ability to heal properly. Consequently, the seaweed gel helps strengthen the heart muscle leading to recovery and repair.

Brown seaweeds containing alginate have been used extensively in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries yet none has surpassed the heart-healing seaweed gel as the seaweed's most lucrative application. Nurturing nature surely pays off-  it gave us a wonder drug against all heartaches.


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