The Most Expensive Saxophone in the World

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Sax makers from Thailand vied to be the title holder of the priciest saxophone in the world. They crafted a $60,000-worth glass sax bejewelled with diamond and gold to win the title.  It was first unveiled at Southeast Asia's First Millionaire Expo in Thailand last 2007. 

To fit the occasion, the designers and creators of the sax spent 65 hours.  They unveiled the extravagant masterpiece in time for the celebration of conspicuous consumption. But the question is, have they successfully broken the record? Did they actually produce the most expensive sax in the world? 

Most Expensive SaxophoneThe answer is 'no'. An ordinary Grafton saxophone stole the title as the priciest sax from this glassy, jewel-encrusted horn.

A plain, moulded, cream-coloured acrylic plastic alto sax hammered $147,037 at a Christie's auction. The bidder at its house in London took it home last September 1994. Now the lucky buyer holds the current "most expensive saxophone in the world".  

Some people may be stupefied. But those who understand the enormous historical value of this sax won't be a tad surprised. The horn may not have a bit of glamour or glimmer the Thai's bejewelled sax boasts but it is priceless owing to its previous owner - Mr. Charlie Parker.

Charlie is a prolific Jazz soloist and an influential figure in Bebop development. The American Jazz Museum recognized his legendary sax performance. So much so that they bought this iconic and high-priced saxophone for visitors and Jazz aficionados to see. Those interested in the history-makers in Jazz Music only have to pop by the museum to find the world's most valuable saxophone. Isn't that awesome? No Jazz enthusiasts and fans should ever miss this. 

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