The Most Expensive Piano in the World

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If you think the most expensive piano is one connected to some popular bands or singers, you're mistaken. However, your assumptions are valid.

For instance, Manilyn Monroe's piano was taken home by Maria Carey for a dumbfounding price of 662,500 USD just because she identified closely with the legendary star. Meanwhle, Wham! star George Michael paid a staggering $2.1 million to win the bid for John Lennon's iconic piano he used when he was composing the song, "Imagine".

Despite these sky-rocketing tag prices, these music memorabilia did not surpass a nine-foot crystal concert piano from China. An unnamed private bidder bought the piano for a record-breaking 3.22 Million US dollars. If you didn't miss the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, you must have heard of the mesmerizing rendition of "Starlight" played on the world's costliest piano by renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

Heintzman Crystal Piano

Heintzman Piano Company in Beijing designed and built this unique grand piano to meet the stringent demand for a large scale concert viewed by audience worldwide. Who owns it now? Feel free to figure.


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