Whose Drum Set Was the World's Most Expensive?

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No other musician has ever played the drums the way Keith Moon did. He was the first rock star to treat the drums like they were a lead instrument, although he never hesitated wrecking the set in the name of showmanship. He came to be known as the legendary drummer of The Who rock band and to some people, Moon the Loon (lunatic).

Despite his many attempts to destruct his five-piece Premier drum kit (1968), these drums remained in mint condition.In fact, the same drumkit was bought for a record-breaking sum of £139,650 at Christie's auction last September 2004 during its Pop Memorabilia sale. The set, which was rechromed, consists two mounted toms (each 14" x 8"), two floor toms and one bass drum, including the front skin customlogo from the Pictures of Lilly kit design.

Most Expensive Drum kit

Christie's auctioneers appraised its worth to be around £10,000-£15000, but after several telephone bids, an anonymous American fan, or perhaps a musician himself, acquired the prized piece for a sum multiple times higher than its real value.

This purchase made Moon's Premier drum kit the world's most expensive drums ever sold. To the buyer, it seemed a fair price to pay for an iconic drum set used by Moon to shock and revolutionalize the world of rock music. 


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