The Only Toilet Paper You'd Never Dare Wipe nor Flush

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The best toilet paper should be absorbent, quick-dissolving, and visually appealing. But expensive? Not necessarily. You can buy a buik of high-quality toilet paper for less than $100. But if you are really interested in getting the most expensive toilet paper roll, be ready for a great surprise.

An Australian-based salesman of toilet paper, Toilet Paper Man, rolls out the world's most extravagant super wiper on his website. Since this sale is open for all, anyone can grab a high-quality 3-ply toilet paper roll embellished with 22-carat gold for only $1,376,900. The seller proudly declares that this golden toilet paper roll is 100% safe and usable and its buyer can experience a high level of sophistication as each 22-carat gold flake falls on the floor or toilet at every wipe.

Unfortunately, there is just one roll that Toiet Paper Man managed to produce so any serious taker must rush if he wants to secure this toilet marvel. Once purchased, this single roll of toilet paper will be delivered to your home gift-wrapped - such an irresistible add-on up for grabs.


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