This Tiara Will Totally Make Your Friends Green with Envy

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For centuries, emeralds have captivated thousands of gem enthusiasts for their sheer brilliancy and richness of colour. Sparkling emeralds have been made into necklaces, rings, earrings, even head jewels as splendid symbol of status and of love. As expected, the grandest of emerald jewels belonged to some royal ladies and was seen on sale at Sotheyby's Auction last 2011.

Princess Katharina's emerald and diamond tiara was the show's highlight after it fetched $12,736,927,  much higher than its estimated sale of $5-10 million. Six bidders competed for its ownership and highest bidder was able to take it home. This tiara studded with 11 intensely green Columbian pear-shaped stones that weigh over 500 carats has a base of large cushion-cut diamonds - undoubtedly a stunner.

Most Expensive Emerald Tiara

Unsurprisingly, it earned the label "world's most expensive emerald tiara" ever sold.

There are speculations that a Maharaja (ie. high king in India) used to own this precious emerald head jewel before it became a property of Empress Eugenie of France, wife of Napoleon III. Finally, a German Prince and industrial magnate Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck bought this extremely rare tiara to adorn his second wife, Princess Katharina.

After the Magnificent and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva, the new owner of the most valuable emerald and diamond tiara was an anonymous bidder. The world's finest and most precious emerald tiara may not be seen again until the winning bidder reveals his/her identity and willingly displays the crown, much to the chagrin of emerald enthusiasts.


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