The Most Expensive Smartphone in the World

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The hype surrounding smartphones is increasing day by day with huge brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, etc. all jostling to be the "best phone ever". Carrying these intelligent handsets has been synonymous with wealth and symbolic of one's identity. Most people of this generation feel that they are socially appraised by the pricetag of the smartphone they own.

Speaking of price tags, did it ever occur to you how pricey is the most expensive smartphone in the world? Guess which mobile phone won the competition and who's the proud owner.

Most Expensive Smartphone

When it comes to luxury-related questions, it's best to ask Stuart Hughes. The man is known to craft (and show off) uniquely designed plush items such as gadgets, vehicles, home devices or just about anything his clients wanted.Just recently, a Chinese businessman approached him to create a record-breaking iPhone 5 valued at £10 million or $15.3 million.

Hughes tweaked Apple's sophisticated iPhone 5 by replacing the screen with a sapphire glass, the chassis with solid gold, the rear section and apple logo with 135 grams of 24-carat gold and 600 white diamonds and the priciest twist: changing the home button with a 26-carat flawless black diamond worth $14.5 million. These specs easily won the title: "world's most expensive smartphone".


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