The Most Expensive Pen in the World

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Believed to be worth one million euros (more than 1.4 M dollars), the Aurora Diamante fountain pen is instantly the most expensive pen the world has ever seen!

What made this pen so precious is its bicolour, rhodium-treated, 18K solid gold nib, a platinum barrel covered with 30 carats certified De Beers diamonds and its limited production- only 10 of these masterpieces will be sold! Most Expensive Pen

Renowned for manufacturing exquisite, distinctive and luxurious writing instruments, Aurora of Italy has never failed to impress fountain pen collectors with its recent writing piece. Whether you are fond of  the charming nightfall or the glowing dawn, Aurora Diamante pen has something for you. You may choose from its two versions, one representing the first light of the morning and the other, the last ray of the day. 

With fewer people using pens these days, especially one as costly as Aurora Diamante, why produce such a luxurious item? Perhaps to celebrate beauty in workmanship, obviously seen in this pen's timeless elegance, personalization and sentimentality. 

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