The Most Expensive Office Chair in the World

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Ergonomics makes our work environment efficient but it hardly favors cheap purchase. A good example is the Pininfarina's most beautiful office chair. It's a piece of furniture engineered for the user's greatest comfort. Yet it comes at a price - and it's a pretty exorbitant price tag.

Worth $ 1,500,000, Pininfarina's Aresline Xten is currently the world's most expensive office chair.

The make-up of the priciest office chair is quite simple:Most Expensive Chair

Pininfarina, a world-class manufacturer of Ferraris and Maserati cars, put all these most desired features to make your life at work easy. It guarantees that you'll never have a bad back. But sadly, this is meant only for the spine health of billionaire bosses.

Thanks to ergonomics another precious piece is added on a billionaire' shopping cart. Also, another item is forever written on ordinary office slaves' wish lists.




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