The Most Expensive Mouse in the World

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Most Expensive MouseThe fastest, most powerful Mac can cost about $2500, Apple's official website claims. Some store owners may give away the mouse free of charge. But, at fabstuff e-store, a totally opposite tale unfolds: A mouse comes in at $25,693.20 USD. 

What's behind its staggering price tag?

Fabstuff  boasts of a modern, surface friendly, corded wheel mouse with three buttons, an optical sensor resolution of 800dpi, and an easy to connect and install USB to either PC or Mac . In addition, 59 brilliantly cut diamonds (either scattered or flower shaped) were embellished on the shiny 18-carat white gold layer of the mouse. Pat Says Now of Switzerland created these high-end mice with plutocrats in mind. 

Perhaps this mouse serves as a perfect peace offering if ever you have offended someone techie. Fabstuff accepts design suggestions to customize the mouse to the receiver's preference. It takes three weeks before a mouse gets delivered, so better order one at least a month ahead. 

Everyone's curious: "has anyone really bought this item?"


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