The Most Expensive Brand in the World

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Best-known for its Macintosh line of computers such as iPod, iPhone,and iPad, Apple came out as the most expensive brand in the world based on Millward Brown's list of Top 100 brands in 2011. Valued at $153,285,000, Apple trademark dethroned last year's world's top brand, Google, which only amounts to  $111,498,000 this year.

Most Expensive Brand

Apple designs the best personal computers in the world (Macs) along with the most advanced operating system (Mac OS X), leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, redefines the mobile phone experience through its iPhone and App Store, and recently, launches iPad 2, which is shaping the future of mobile media and computing devices. Indeed, the company has a track record for continuous innovation as well as attitude branding. 

Author of No Logo (2000) and social activist Naomi Klein said that an iconic brand like Apple will continue to sell millions and will survive recessions owing to the company's huge investment on marketing strategy. Apple is one of the world's popular trademarks that are becoming cultural accessories and lifestyle philosophers. Despite the brand's costly products, many people who "think different" eagerly grab gadgets made by Apple, even if it meant defying practicality and frugality.


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