The Most Expensive Bluetooth Headset in the World

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Wearing bluetooth headsets can make you stand out in a crowd. Who doesn't look cool when talking hands-free and hassle-free? What if you add gold and diamond on this sleek, high-tech gizmo?

Behold, you've just captured the world's most expensive bluetooth headset!

Most Expensive Bluetooth Headset

Are you ready to let go of 50,000 bucks on a single, small gadget? Would you willingly dash to the nearest Plantronics store to avail this limited edition item? You may still be asking, what's with the insane price tag and absurd haste? 

Internet buzzers said Elle Charity would benefit from the sale of Plantronics' diamond and gold encrusted bluetooth headset. Designed by Discovery 925 with millionaires in mind, the creators hoped these guys would spend $50,000 the same way they would pay for their usual toys.

 Source: Miss-Swiss

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