Would You Buy This Laptop if You were a Millionaire?

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If you have enough dough to afford the most expensive laptop sleeve, then you can easily buy the one million dollar Luvaglio notebook- the world's costliest laptop. Excluding value added tax, this gizmo can be bought for 765,000 Euros, approximately $1,053,558.00, at The Billionaire Shop.

This cool and stupefyingly costly gadget appeared in many tech websites - all demanding an answer to the single most important question: why is it worth a million bucks?

Sure it boasts state-of-the-art specs (ble-ray drive, 128GB solid state drive, MP3 player, built-in USB stick), upgradable components, and customizable cover (wood, iron, or metal). But these do not justify the sky-high price tag.

Most Expensive Laptop in the World

Perhaps the laptop's beautiful diamond ring that functions as  a power button and security lock could explain its exorbitant cost. This ring is also detachable and wearable - a feature that might have increased the laptop's price. Or at least that is what Luvaglio led us to believe.

Upon closer inspection, PC Pro asserts that this one-million-dollar notebook could be just a fabrication. Luvaglio does not have a decent physical office and its CEO evades questions on the product's particulars. If you are a wise billionaire who loves the attention of your millionaire friends but hates to be conned, you had better dazzle your elite mates with the Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook worth 355,000 USD. There is more hope that this could be world's most expensive laptop ever made.


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