The Most Expensive Toothpick in the World

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After a meal, it is usual to reach for a toothpick - our teeth's bestfriend cleaning those last nooks that floss and toothbrush miss. Do you think that's enough reason to splurge around 10,000 USD on a piece of stick?

Most Expensive ToothpickBarnes and Noble family had inherited Charles Dickens' ivory and gold toothpick and sold it at Bonhams New York auction, anticipating a sale around $3000-$5000. Their great expectation was remarkably exceeded after an anonymous bidder bought the item for 9,150 USD.You're reading it right: 9,150 USD was spent on a toothpick. 

What's so special about this toothpick? 

More than a means of dental hygiene, the toothpick has Charles Dickens' initials on it. It also has a retracting 
mechanism, and an authentication letter from his sister-in-law verifying that Dickens used the toothpick during his travels and visits to America until he died in 1870. Despite these facts, it is hard to understand how the toothpick relates to the author's popular literary works, namely, "Oliver Twist" and "A Christmas Carol". Only the buyer could explain why he valued the toothpick so much. Unfortunately, he refused to be named.


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