The Most Expensive Sardine Can in the World

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Most Expensive Sardine CanThe making of the world's most expensive sardine can was a sentimental story. While gemstone architect,Sidney Mobell, was in the supermarket with his wife, he thought of buying sardines for his beloved 30-year assistant, Ronny. To his wife and Ronny's surprise, Mobell created a sardine can out of 18-karat gold with 55 diamonds around the edge of the lids. 

His wife instantly thought he was crazy - well, who wouldn't?  Mobell's gold and diamond sardine can contained fish made of foil-wrapped milk chocolate. The can was worth $25,000, surprisingly 25,000% higher than usual sardine cans. 

Mobell donated to Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. this pricey sardine can along with other unlikely expensive items such as solid gold mousetrap, golden domino set, bejeweled fishing reel, gold & diamond pacifier, and $2-million worth Monopoly set. Isn't it amazing how Mobell created value and beauty out of objects we consider trivial and mundane? 


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