The Most Expensive Mango in the World

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Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines so many people think this fruit costs a heap in these countries. But not one of these nations nor their neighbors set the record for the most expensive mango ever sold. The title solely belongs to Australia, where a tray of 12 mangoes cost Carlo Lorenti of Clayfield Markets Fresh a whopping amount of $50,000 last October, 2010. 

Carlo Lorenti's family, who placed the highest bid of $4200/mango, has been a fervent supporter, ergo fourth-time winner of the Brisbane Markets Mango charity auction.  Many wholesalers and retailers in Brisbane market community fiercely compete and generously contribute to the fund-raising event's success. 

Most Expensive MangoAustralia has been holding mango auctions since 1998 in celebration of the summer harvest season. Their aim is to raise funds for Life Education Queensland, a preventative drug and health education NGO, and Redkite, a support charity for children and young people with cancer.

Meanwhile, Japan also attempts to claim they have most valuable mangoes with a pair of mangoes called Ears of Sun sold for $2000 in April 2008. Although the country has been recently interested in mango auctions, it will probably take a lot of years to surpass Australia as the mango price king.

Do you wonder what these pricey mangoes taste like? Supposed you were among the auction winners, would you be able eat these extremely expensive mangoes without regret?

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