A Hamburger Fit for the Gods

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When you can have a supersized burger for $5, a $5000 hamburger meal would sound ludicrous.

In Las Vegas, the burger capital of the world, you can grab this one-of-a-kind, over-the-top, edible grub when you stop by Fleur restaurant. If you have $5000 to spare, you can place an order for Fleurburger 5000 and blissfully brag that you have eaten the most expensive hamburger in the world.

As you strive to chew your five grand, your brain could not help but compute: the condiments were not made out of gold, Kobe Beef patty and other special ingredients do not cost more than $500, the combined cost of complementary Petrus vintage wine and dinnerware must not exceed $2700. So this hamburger's real value is less than $1000? Before you ask Chef Keller for the breakdown, you should first try to google the meaning of markup in business.

Keller's burger surely hit the headlines, but its fame is overshadowed by a lab-grown burger that came with a $332,000 price tag. This is the world's first cultured beef ever produced, and surpassing the Vegas's five grand patty, it is currently the world's priciest hamburger.

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin funded this synthetic hamburger research. Brin believed that conventional meat production is notoriously wasteful and will not meet the demand of our growing population so the smart solution is to produce a lab-grown, ethically sound, and cruelty-free meat. He supported this cause mainly to secure sustainable meat production for the world; it was mere coincidence that he led the creation of the world's costliest hamburger


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