The Most Expensive Cupcake in the World

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Cupcakes captivate even the most calorie-conscious and the most scrutinizing of sweets connoisseurs. But this love affair with cupcakes may swiftly sour when its price per piece adds about $1007 (3,700 dhs) on your total bill. Nothing else embitters one's purse than a ridiculously extravagant dessert!

Golden Phoenix is  UAE's dessert wonder and Bloomsbury's promotional icon during its opening celebration in Dubai Mall last June 2012. Worth AED 3700 a piece, Golden Phoenix cupcake is unquestionably the "world's most expensive edible cupcake". 

Most Expensive Cupcake

Champion bakers, behold the ingredients that made this cupcake so valuable, festive, and irresistibly flavorful: 

Of course, the costliest cupcake deserves to be presented in the priciest fashion: on a 24-caratgold Empire Morning cake stand.

Surely, the poor and their sympathizers would scoff at this waste of dirhams for sheer promotion.Yet not everyone was furious or unhappy about Golden Phoenix's instant fame, a few avid cupcake fanatics were truly ecstatic as it stole the limelight away from other popular desserts.

 Source: Emirates 24/7

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