The Most Expensive Cognac in the World

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"Wine is life." The precious DNA of Cognac embodied this quote. No kidding. 

Most Expensive CognacFor more than a century, Cognac Grande Champagne was kept in barrels by the descendants of French King Henri IV (1553-1610). Claudine Dudognon-Buraud sold the king's finest booze to Paolo di Verachi, the sole owner of the Diamond Sterling recognized for his Guiness World Record's most expensive tequila bottle.

Artist -jeweller Jose Davalos intricately molded 24-carat yellow gold, sterling platinum, and 6,500 certified brilliant cut diamonds as housing to the historic cognac. This  inflates the price of Henri's cognac from mere thousands to 3.4 million USD - the most expensive cognac to date. But, why cognac?

Verachi attempted to sell in Dubai the first luxurious wine - the Tequila contained in a luxurious bottle made out of gold, platinum, and diamonds. However, Europeans and Arabs do not think highly of tequila saying it does not have the "luxury spirit". Verachi persevered to satisfy their whims and wishes; he cleverly changed the liquor bottle's contents from tequila to cognac. We'll see if it works.


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