Taste this Coffee Made for the Epicure

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The world's crappiest coffee beans excreted by Asian Palm civets are also hailed as "world's costliest coffee ever brewed". But among all manufacturers of coffee from civet cat's droppings, Trung Nguyên stands out with its Weasel Coffee made from wild palm civets' feces sold for $3000 a kilo on a limited production of 40-50 kg every year. What makes this coffee more expensive and extra special than other cat poo coffee?

Most Expensive Coffee

Vietnam's Weasel coffee is said to have higher quality than its Southeast Asian neighbors, Indonesia (Kopi Luwak) and Philippines (Kape Alamid), owing to the natural source of its coffee beans, which then go through a thorough manufacturing process. Weasel coffee comes from feces of free, forest-dwelling palm civets that choose the best coffee berries to eat unlike caged or forced-fed civet cats, which do not. Any idea how a cat's manure is turned into an extremely pricey beverage?

The feces must be fresh, meaning the coffee beans are gathered 24 hours or less from the time the palm civets defecated. Trung Nguyên prides itself of never using machines in processing, instead they bury the excremented coffee beans for 343 days to discard the undesirable coverings. After the long wait, Weasel coffee is ready to be served, obviously only to VIP clients who can afford its cost.


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