Wristwatch's Price Shocks Many

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Chopard's luxurious and elegant watches always dazzle the world. But the colourful diamond-studded wristwatch they have recently launched received great interest and astonishment. 

Most Expensive WristwatchWhy this unique watch caused such a stir? Well, the splendid jewelry simply commands a ridiculous price tag of $25,000,000! Without a doubt, this is the most expensive wristwatch ever sold. 

A mix of 15-carat pink, 12-carat blue, and 11-carat white heart-shaped diamonds were the main jewels that adorn it. When pressed, it opens up like petals due to the spring-loaded mechanism. Underneath the heart-shaped diamonds, the watch face shows up with small round yellow diamonds. The timepiece's strap sparkles with white pear-shaped diamonds arranged like a flower.

Although this wristwatch was a beauty, its clump of diamonds proved too heavy. Ponder how you can bear to wear a 163-carat weight white and yellow diamonds plus 201-carat weight timepiece. 

Perhaps Chopard has not designed it for showing off for long hours. A glimpse of luxury should suffice. After all, thieves might be prowling around waiting for the perfect moment to steal it from the opulent owner.


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