A Great Hat Speaks for Itself: The Price is the Proof

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Most Expensive HatGlamour-conscious female shoppers always hunt for exceptional hats. Ergo, couturiers do their best to come up with unique hat designs to snare wealthy buyers. For instance, Louis Mariette, a famous fashion hat maker in Europe, created Chapeau d’Amour (or the "hat of love") worth 1.5 million GBP (or $ 2,700,000) for the platinum and diamonds, as well as for its unconventional style.

The hat's beholders were bewildered by its whopping price and dashing design. To some, it looked fabulous and luxurious; to others, it seemed foolish and wasteful. Still, Chapeau d’Amour remains indisputably the most expensive hat ever made.

Alicia Witt, an American actress, singer and model, wore this hat at Christie's Auction in London on June 14, 2004. Louis patterned Chapeau d'Amour after ivy and bluebells. While many kids enjoyed playing football when Louis was young, he was busy chasing dragonflies, butterflies and other colorful insects that cultivated his love for colors and textures. His designs were mostly inspired by nature.

Do you think you can make anything worth a million bucks?


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