The Most Expensive Dress in the World

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Most Expensive DressWhen women spend more than a hundred thousand dollars for a gown, they really want the perfect dress. But what's the price to pay for that 'perfect evening dress'? Million dollars? Who would spend outrageous (or frivolous) amount on a piece of clothing while many people suffer from hunger?

Perhaps those whose life and business depend on looking glamorous and grand, like internationally renowned couturiers-jewellers of the world's most expensive suitt-shirt, jeans, or bikini.

Many female celebrities, socialites, and royal members desired to own the costliest gown but so far none of them had worn the world's most expensive dress. Dubbed by Malaysian designer, Faisol Abdullah, as the "Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur", he proudly presented a 751-diamond-encrusted evening dress worth $30 million, the gemstones of which were supplied by Middle Easterm iconic jeweller, Mouawad,  

Nancy Yeoh, President & CEO of STYLO International, believed that the world could never run out of rich people who would buy this piece of art. She appointed Faisol to design not just a stunning dinner dress but a truly worthy investment, targeting royal court members as buyers. She promised to give five percent of the earnings to Gaza Humanitarian Fund.

Some Malaysians called this lavish budget for a dress 'frivolous' and 'insensitive to the country's economic crisis'. The poor can only nurse envy and weave dreams while the rich wear fabulous gowns of unimaginable value. 


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