The Most Expensive Coat in the World

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When winter sets in, even the least fashionable woman wants the basic comfort of a muff and a coat. 

Coats range from evening cape, denim jackets, and cashmere sweater (in areas where winter is mild) to pea coat made from wooland pupper jackets (where places hit zero and below).  But beyond comfort and protection, coats have become a fashion statement.

No wonder giant clothing brands like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Armani, and Marcs Jacob compete to create the most flattering, luxurious coats. Which do you think is the most expensive coat brand in the world? Getting the answer right is a bit tricky.

Who could have guessed that a patched coat as shown on the picture would cost so much?

Most Expensive CoatPieces torn from 7,531 varied and valued brand labels were combined to create a coat worth 759,987.20 euros or 988,607 USD - approaching one million bucks.

During the first exhibition of the world's most expensive coat  at 'The Powershow 2003' in Paradiso, Amsterdam, it wowed the crowd with the multiple brands sewed in it- a brainchild of wild, unpredictable and eco-lover designer, Silke Wawro.

In a website ( where her works are featured, the tagline 'design will save the world' revealed so much about her advocacy to conserve old, used clothes through artful and innovative recycling.

If you're wondering who has bought the coat (or if Wawro became rich after the sale), breathe a sigh of relief and let your face relax into a smile. The priciest and nature-friendliest coat is still available for viewing (and purchase) at Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands. Interested?



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