The Most Expensive Cigarette in the World

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Smoking destroys a pair of lungs, whether they belong to a rich or a poor man. The only real difference between them is that wealthy smokers burn more money than their penniless counterpart.  Only luxurious cigarette brands suit the fancy of well-off smokers, while beggars content themselves smoking the most affordable variety.

Just like the Lucky Strikes brand made and endorsed by BAT in 2007. A pack of this cigarette brand commands a whopping $100,000. You are right to surmise that it is made out of precious gems.  Its package contains 18-carat white gold, a large diamond, and a precious ruby. This used to be the most expensive cigarette in the world until Shisha Sticks Sofia came into the picture.

Most Expensive Cigarette

Last October 21, 2013, Anthony Mixides of Shisha Sticks enraptured the world of cigar when he launched the first hand-crafted e-cigarette consisting 24-carat gold parts, 246 real diamonds, yellow Swarovski crystals and imported Murano Italian hand-blown glass. The bespoke device costs a staggering 550,000 GBP - currently the costliest cigarette ever made.

Rumor has it that a Russian billionaire commissioned Shisha Sticks to create this special smoking device for his girlfriend (whose name is probably 'Sofia'). The oil magnate apparently believed marketers who claim that electronic cigarettes could help smokers quit the habit. Such a special and ultra-expensive way to show his utmost concern for his lover's health.


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