Bejeweled Abaya Stuns Fashion World

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Abayas, worn by women who desire to fit into the conservative Islamic society, are far from dazzling. These long, black cloaks are outright plain and uninspired. Muslim women wear them to show cultural pride and abide by Quran's teaching on chastity and modesty in clothing.

Most Expensive AbayaYet some elite circles of Muslim women wish to reveal more than just their culture, tradition, and religion. Plain black abayas fail to render the glamorous personality and immense wealth of modern Muslim women. It's time to embrace the era of beautiful, bejewelled and ridiculously costly abayas. 

Demands for exquisite and extravagant abayas rose and world-renowned designers endeavoured to meet them. For instance, Bruce Oldfield collaborated with Crosley Diamonds of London in 2008 on a jewel-encrusted abaya. It's ornamented with 4668 individual diamonds and valued at 345,428 USD.  This garment is pricier than the average cost  (i.e. 200 USD) of elegant abayas in the market.

If you think Bruce's abaya creation is way overpriced, wait till you hear about Debbie Wingham's red diamond abaya. Its estimated worth is around 15.9 million USD. It contains a rare red diamond worth 7.4 million dollars and 2000 smaller diamonds set on platinum. Also, it uses a 14-carat white gold thread for intricate layering and delicate beading. At that, no one would dare question its value and its claim to the record as the world's most expensive abaya. 

Wait for the next launch as it was already unveiled at Raffles Hotel, Dubai last 20th- 25th of March for private viewing. Just hope that no buyer has sealed this yet in her closet. 


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