Get the Most Dazzling Hairstyle on the Planet

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When every part of your body is completely clad with diamond jewels and you still have more blings left, where else would you put them? 

Laurence Graff understands this common problem plaguing the pampered and elite circle of women and he happily offers the answer.

Back in 1970, Graff dazzled the world when he showed off "The Hair and The Jewel" masterpiece - a woman wearing one million worth of precious jewels on top of her head. All the shimmering, splendid diamond jewels were literally the model's crowning glory. 

This stunning display amazed elite diamond jewelry clients sixty years ago. Graff gained fame and confidence out of his 1970's lavish brand promotion so he thought of recreating the iconic image, targeting ambitious, modern, and younger women. He also timed the launch with his company's 60th anniversary and the opening of his 40th store.

Most Expensive Hairstyle

Graff unfailingly startled his spectators when he showcased $500 million worth of precious jewels on a model's hair, ears, neck, and fingers. This record-breaking amount of jewelry spent on a hairdo is indubitably the most expensive hairstyle the world has ever seen.

Sublime, flawless, and exceptionally rare diamonds made into bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings, and necklaces adorned the hair of the beautiful lady, proudly flaunting all Graff's best creations. Each piece has its vivid description as well as upfront price quotation when you visit the website and hover your mouse on every sparkling jewel.

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