This TV Commercial is the World's Most Expensive

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You often find TV ads annoying. You never pay attention to the product, the brand, or the endorser because commercials ruin your favorite TV shows. Perhaps you will stop snubbing TV commercials once you learn how much it cost to produce them.

For instance, Chanel shelled out millions to promote its No. 5 scent starring the statuesque Nicole Kidman in a TV ad directed by Baz Luhrmann. Both Australians have previously collaborated on Moulin Rouge! in 2001 -  considered a masterpiece by many critics and movie-goers. In 2004, Chanel's No. 5 fragrance ad set a record as the world's most expensive TV commercial for its shocking $33 million budget mostly spent on Kidman when she commanded $3.1 million talent fee and wore a $24.47 million worth of real gems.

Kidman played as a famous movie star who fell in love with a handsome nobody, Rodrigo Santoro, a Brazilian actor who appeared in many successful movies. Just like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, Nicole tries to evade the press as she pursues her relationship with the infamous guy who delivered the ad's main message: the enduring memory of Chanel's No. 5 scent.

"Her kiss.. her skin.. her perfume." Those were the words spoken by Santoro before Kidman reappeared to show off a Chanel-designed jewelry marked "No. 5" implying the original timeless classic perfume of Chanel. Many versions of the commercial were made but the original was a four-minute short film. By the quality of the scenes and the credits mentioned after the ad, you might mistake it for a movie trailer, but it is truly just a TV commercial with a hollywood movie feel and an astronomical production cost.


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