Guess How Much the Most Expensive Music Video Was

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A 4:46-minute stylish, interstellar clip of Michael and Janet Jackson's critically acclaimed duet, "Scream", is unbeatably the most expensive music video ever made at a cost of $7 million. Scream's music video was choreographed by Travis Payne, LaVelle Smith Jnr, Tina Landon and Sean Cheeseman in May, 1995, directed by Mark Romanek, and designed by Tom Foden. Now, many people are asking: "why such a hefty budget for a less than 5-minute music video?"

Scream's costly production should not come as a surprise. Having the Jackson siblings as performers, players and composers would surely spell a 7-figure talent fee. In addition, expert crew of choreographers, designers, and artists had to collaborate for 11 days using hi-tech special effects (at that time, 1995), computer-generated black and white scenes, and make-ups racking up Scream music video's budget up to 7M USD.

Nonetheless, Scream's pricey production paid off. It  became one of Jackson's critically acclaimed pieces winning several MTV Music video awards and a Grammy. Apart from the music video's accomplishments and ridiculously huge price tag, Scream is well-remembered as the King of Pop's retaliatory piece directed to tabloid media's child abuse allegations against him in 1993.


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